Five Jobs Perfect for Retirees

One day we all will retire.  Retirement is the time when we kick back and enjoy the things in life that maybe we have overlooked earlier in life because of work responsibilities.  But as it happens, some people get bored with retirement.  They want something to occupy their days other than sleeping or relaxing by the pool.

Retirement is looked on favorably by most workers.  After retiring from work, people take up new hobbies, expand the time that they spend on existing hobbies, relax, spend time with family, and travel.  While these things sound exciting to us when we have no time to do them, after a while we may wonder if our lives are still as meaningful as they were when we were working.

Finding another job after retirement seems crazy, but can give us purpose.  Retirement can last as long as twenty or more years.  That’s a long time to fish and nothing else.  The appeal may be that we work for enjoyment and not because we rely on the paycheck for our livelihood.  Here are five jobs that are perfect for those retirees looking for a little bit more:

1.  Consulting.  Why let all of that business knowledge go to waste?  Hire yourself out as a consultant to the company that you retired from and other firms.  The best thing about this job is that you can work as much or as little as you choose.  Companies will pay more for your services because they are catching a break on insurance and other benefits they have to pay regular employees.

2.  Work as a temporary employee.  Temporary employees are in high demand.  Companies that need a worker for a month or two don’t want to hire a regular employee that they will have to lay off in less than six months.  Temps have a variety of skills and work many different schedules.  This is perfect for a retired person who doesn’t want a regular job but occasional work.

3.  Seasonal jobs.  Stores and retailers are always on the lookout for more help around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the summer.  These are also the times when regular employees want to take their vacation.  Retired workers, as many companies have been finding out, are hard workers who have excellent customer service skills.  People are tired of rude salespeople who are impatient.
4.  Teaching the younger generation.  Those who can, teach.  Many professors in college and teachers in middle and high schools may be retired businesspeople or other professionals.  The knowledge that they have gained in their working career is invaluable as lecturers to the younger generation. 

5.  Non-profit organizations.  Retirees can give back and make a little extra money at the same time.  Working as an administrator at a non-profit organization that you believe is helping the community adds another purpose to retirement.  Within these companies you can change policy and petition the state and federal agencies for more money to support your programs.

Retirement doesn’t mean being put out to pasture.  The mind is still strong and is useful to plenty of people.  Re-enter the workforce and make a difference in the life of another.