Getting to Know Your PPI Plans and Bank Charges

A PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) plan is attached to almost every kind of loan available and is so standard in the fine print of contracts you may not even know you are paying it. A PPI plan is meant to protect your credit in the event of a major life experience that prevents you from paying your payment. This is not always how it works and you may not be as protected as you think or even end up using the insurance. This makes these insurance plans seem useless to many who pay for them and the money is wasted in paying for them.

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PPI mis-selling is also a problem that has shown up across the financial loan industry. This mis-selling of PPI is not only unnecessary, but often times illegal as well.

If you are paying for insurance you donít need, itís time to take a look at the situation and file a PPI reclaim to get your money back where it belongsóto you. This trend started with bank charges UK getting refunded and banking clients and companies working to make banking a more user friendly experience, now many are realizing they are paying banking fees that just donít make any sense.

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Bank loan charges can also be refunded if you take the time to check into the fees you have been paying and make the right claims. There are companies out there who specialize in this sort of thing and can help with your PPI and bank charge claims. If you work with an experienced agency you can often get a larger refund in a shorter amount of time and they will help you fill out the paperwork needed. Take a few minutes to pull your last six months worth of bank statements and find all the fees and charges you’ve been paying. article writing When you add them up you can get an estimate for what you can claim to get back. You will also be able to take the opportunity to really understand where all your hard-earned money is going, this can be difficult for responsible banking customers who have been paying too much in fees over the years.