Bank Charges

[I knew I was struggling to make ends meet lately, but it didn’t help that as I opened my mail, I found my statement showing I had incurred bank charges!] [ I couldn’t believe it. Not only did I not have any money, but I was now in minus… I owed the bank money for not having any money! How ridiculous was that? Why didn’t they just reject the card when I tried to use it, instead of taking me into minus?] [After I vented to my family and friends about it, I found out that it wouldn’t even have mattered if they had rejected my card, I would have still incurred bank charges! ] [This is profit the banks are making on absolutely nothing. After research myself, I wanted to be armed with knowledge before I contested the bank charges with the bank. I realised there are many people out there who have had the same bank charges and are trying to fight the banks to claim it back.] [In order to claim these monies back, I had to dig out all my documentation/statements for more than a year ago! I found out I could claim back up to 5 years worth! ] [There was no way I was going to have statements still in one piece dating back 5 years! But it would be well worth trying to get them, as I’m sure I’ve paid various other bank charges in the past. ] [the only way to get the statements, would be through a written request to the bank. Once I had organised all the papers (if the decided to provide me with my statements without more hassle) I would have to write another letter to them asking them to refund the bank charges. this was not gonna be a straightforward request, and i’m sure they will not pay the money without a fight. ] [This was proving to be too much hassle, but to my joy, I found there are companies out there that will do all this for you. Right from the onset, they will sort you out. And what’s more they operate on a no win no fee basis…. What more could I want!?] dyson am01 air multiplier