Ardyss Opportunity Review – Future of Body Magic 2 Step

Ardyss International Review

People are ready to do anything to achieve the perfect figure. They are willing to try anything from slimming drugs to surgeries to achieve their goal. All this involve a lot of time and money. So when Ardyss International came out with a product that promised customers to make them lose two to three sizes instantly, it was hard to believe. Not just this, the company also offers an opportunity to customers to join their network as a distributor and generate a decent secondary income. Read more to explore your earning potential in this company.

–    A Brief Introduction

Ardyss International was founded in 1989 in Mexico by the Diaz De Leon family. In 2007, the enterprise was converted into an MLM organization and the base was relocated to Las Vegas.

–    The Ardyss Body Magic 2 Steps System

Body Magic, the key product of Ardyss, combines a body reshaper with the Le Vive juice to promote appealing body shape and a healthy body. The Le Vive juice is made of five nourishing fruits while Body Magic, when used regularly alters your posture to make your body structure look better. 

–    Other Products

The Angel Bra is another popular Ardyss creation. It’s said to firm up the breasts and reshape it to look attractive and boost the user’s confidence. The company also offers other products catering to skincare, nutrition and reshaping for men.

–    The Ardyss Business

Why Should You Join This Corporation?

This work from home opportunity offers good income with an on the spot commission of 40%, a fee of for every powerpack sold and good power bonuses. New reps are also trained in the process of promoting the products of this enterprise. Add to this the fact that the products are of high quality and the need for such products is quite high.
However, when it comes to generating income, a majority of distributors are not satisfied. Let’s see why.

Challenges Ardyss Reps

Many distributors claim to earn six figure incomes every year in this business. But the truth is, most people treat this business as only a means of secondary income. Most people don’t think they could earn beyond a limit even with the Company’s help and training.
Most people now have an aversion to network marketers; they feel they’ll be coaxed into buying products they don’t need. This narrow-minded outlook is displayed even by the company in the training it provides. The Power of Five as advocated by the Company teaches you to search within your contacts to get five friends or relatives to buy products from you and join the business. You may know a lot of people; but the general attitude towards sales reps may make it difficult for you to sell to them or even get their appointment for a product demonstration. No matter how good your product is; the traditional system of calling people or inviting them to parties is only going to drive customers away from your business.

The Solution

With Ardyss, you have a good product that caters to the need of many; all you need is to market it the right way. Body slimming is an industry that has tremendous demand; the best way to market your product would be to tap this demand from customers outside your limited network. In your case, online product promotion would be ideal to make people aware of the products you sell and their benefits. There are many online marketing tools that could help you reach hundreds of interested customers each day and get them to contact you. Just master these tools to become the master of your business.