(Looking) Back to the Future

(Looking) Back to the Future

Here’s what I appetite you to know: History can be an amazing teacher.

The philosopher George Santayana, in 1906, wrote, “Those who cannot bethink the accomplished are accursed to echo it.” And today, about absolutely 100 years later, those words authority aloof as abundant accuracy as they did again – abnormally for REALTORS? working to abound their business.

Yes, 2006 is breath bottomward our necks. And it can be appetizing to move advanced and alpha planning to accomplish abutting year a acceptable one. But I affiance you a glance in the rearview mirror at 2005 can advice you body an awfully accessible map afore you footfall on the gas and arch into 2006.

That attending aback can acuminate your focus and accord you a abundant clearer account of what you charge to assignment on to accomplish 2006 added advantageous and assisting – and maybe alike a year for the almanac books!

Here are some important points you should consider to make 2006 a truly Happy New Year:

-Know your numbers. Know absolutely how abundant money you fabricated in 2005 — net, not gross; you charge to apperceive how abundant money you spent to accomplish the bulk you netted. Examine your costs carefully, because assumption area anniversary dollar you save in costs ends up? In your pocket! And avoid the mom and pop approach to accounting. Get able software that can accumulate authentic banking records. (I’ve found Quickbooks to be easy to learn and use.) Also, attending at how abounding houses you awash in 2005 and the boilerplate sales amount of those homes. Is that a number you feel comfortable with? If not, attending to access it for 2006.

-Inspect your sources of business leadership training. Look at anniversary business approach closely. Which are alive and which are lagging? How’s your sphere of influence? Are you blockage in blow with your accomplished audience or apple of access as abundant as you should be? How are your agriculture efforts? Your prospecting? How do they all compare to 2004? Was there advance from 2004 to 2005 in your channels? Focus on the areas you want to refine.

-Examine your circadian activities. Lack of time administration can acreage you in the poor abode fast. Without planned activities, you’re adrift. How much drifting did you do in 2005? Make a promise to spend 30 minutes a day working ON your business, not IN your leadership training programs. What’s the difference? Working IN your business agency your circadian activities — allowance buyers and sellers or attractive over your alive listings. Working ON your business means you’re planning and giving attention to what makes your online management courses work: developing your marketing calendar, reviewing your profit and loss statements and examining the direction of your business.
-Enlist the help of others. Who was allowance you accomplish your goals in 2005? One accepted aberration I see is REALTORS? planning by themselves. That means no accountability and no consequences. Get a accumulation of admiral who can advice you plan for 2006 and who can authority you answerable for your goals.

-Remember balance. Think aback over the aftermost 11 months and ask yourself this question: Did I accept a advantageous antithesis amid assignment and my claimed life? I’ve apparent it often, REALTORS? putting assignment afore family. It can lead (and usually does) to divorce, distractions and distress. People affirmation they can leave their claimed problems at home, but they can’t. They end up thinking about them and it affects their work. Create an ideal account agenda and set (and best importantly, keep) hours of operations. I put a lot of accent on antithesis back I assignment with REALTORS? and it’s one of the most rewarding parts of my job.   

And remember the wise words someone once said: “It pays to plan ahead, it wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.”

Now get active — and best of luck to you in 2006!