Campaigning straight by a Firepit

Direct marketing is called direct in part because it's a non-traditional take on advertising. As compared to campaigning through visual or audio medium, a direct marketer might prefer to do so from door to door. Fliers, catalogs, and also people wearing promotional signs while walking down busy streets are all examples of direct marketing. It's bit hard to believe, but fire pits can be incorporated into direct marketing.

Take the example of street walker. Don't forget that fire pits can be encased in a safety lid. A walking advertisement could be created with a person carrying a sign and a fire pit that will make them stand out in the dark. The fire lights the promotional sign and emphasizes the advertisement, but it also draws attention to the specific area where the promotional walker stands. If it's in the vicinity of the business, the marketing campaign could bring people in who are curious about the event.{“

Another example of using a fire pit for direct marketing is the case of the business owner who sends out invitations, AKA promotional fliers, to a group of people from the neighborhood crime watch organization.} They are welcomed to the neighborhood fire pit gathering to talk about current crime observation methods, all thanks to their neighbor's business. This occasion is endorsed by the business owner however direct marketing is used by advertising at the fire pit social get together. That's a fine combination of business, fire pits, and direct marketing.

Fire pits can improve almost any type of event or gathering. Put a lot of people around this kind of area and there's very little they won't be more receptive to than they were before they entered the area. In addition to its beauty and elegance, it's a great promotional opportunity. Whether the event was advertised on a flier, or not, it can be the benefit of any kind of direct marketing. Hand out brochures or fliers at the festivity with info on product launches or a recent merchandise line. With good music and delicious food, you'll see advertising in a whole new and more pleasant way.