Can I Work And Raise Kids?


Working at home has huge benefits including the joy of family around you. If I work away from home it will be to raise the money to pay strangers to bring up my kinds.

Having children is a great thing and brings a lot of joy and pleasure, watching them grow up, especially those early years makes you wonder why you did not have them earlier.

Some, media gives voice to it costing huge sums of money to bring up kids, so you will probably realise, you need an income. If you can pay your blls and spend quality time with yoru children, you are almost there. We both stay at home and look after our kids whilst working.

I am self employed. All you need is a phone and good recruitment software. Save money ang get a virtual office. During heated family moments, let your virtual office take the call. Sometimes, although difficult, I will answer the call and explain I am having a work from home day. You are providing a good service, most people are not concerned.

One of the essentials tools you will need is a mobile phone with email. With your phone you can email any good cv’s or resumes received to your hr recruitment software system. Email your best candidates direct to the databasde from you phone. The document is read and a record created. Access your database and decide who you will work with.

Recruitment solutions are important to get right if you are to have the lifestyle of your choosing.

So, there you have it, my advice on working and playing. If you get this right, your lifestyle will give you the freedom to have the best of both worlds. It wont always be appropriate to work from home and this is where a dsk at an office will help. A nice place to meet clients to get away from the office. Buying a bottle of waters buys you 2 hours of no obligation to buy further.


Annie Fernandes